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Read a sample chapter of Viku to the Rescue

Viku standing in front of an empty hole in the forest
Viku to the Rescue – a chapter

It was afternoon by the time Viku took his father to the place where Haatee had fallen in the hole. The area now looked different, as if a tornado had passed by – branches and twigs were scattered all around, and the hole was empty. No sounds of birds or animals came from the surrounding forest. It was unusually quiet.
“The elephant-catchers have taken him away,” Viku’s father said, shaking his head sadly.
“Haatee, Haatee,” Viku cried out loudly.
They stared at the heavy marks of struggle inside the hole and the devastation outside.
“I don’t know what we can do now,” Viku’s father murmured with a sigh.