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Lemhi Overhang


by Steve Watts

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“Lemhi Overhang” details some of Steve Watt’s adventures as owner and operator of the Idaho Protective Specialist Company: on the road to Arizona to investigate a murder-suicide for an old friend; combating government bureaucracy run amok; and interacting with a fascinating cast of characters in the tiny cowboy town, Leadore, where he and his wife built a lodge and kept horses.
Along the way, Steve learned a little something about himself and this rugged individualist so capable of dealing with what he called the “physical world” sought greater understanding of his spiritual side.
“Lemhi Overhang” offers readers some unique insights: into the world of a private detective who finds himself involved in a host of interesting and unusual cases; into the workings of a small, mountain community whose citizens sometimes seem as though they walked straight out of a B. Traven novel; and into the mind of a remarkable man as he contemplated aging and the inevitable.

  • Paperback: 342 pages
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0996851619
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