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Night Jasmine Tree


East meets West, and Past Meets Present”

– By Debu Majumdar.

“All readers will be able to relate to the hold the past has on us. … Debu Majumdar deepens characterization by connecting Shankar’s interior and exterior worlds. While contemplating existence through his main character’s eyes, the author gives us a work of lush and searing beauty, wondrously told with compassion, empathy, and truth. Night Jasmine Tree is highly recommended reading for all.”

—Somerset 2018 First Prize Award Review for Literary Fiction

“… a magnificent, fully realized, and deeply moving novel. … The author adroitly weaves in the main character’s experiencing epiphanies and sorrow as he considers past events and conversations with the perspective and empathy that come with age. The result is a deeply engrossing tale that unfolds with affecting and beautiful prose. … The manuscript is beautifully written and presented. …      Night Jasmine Tree is thought-provoking and beautiful beyond measure. It does what great literature does – moves the reader to consider one’s own life in a new light.”







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