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Read a Sample Chapter of Viku and the Ivory Thieves

In the morning Viku went to the river and met his friend. He expected Haatee to be jolly because of their great escape from the ivory poachers the day before, but he found Haatee standing motionless in the water and staring into the distance.

Viku petted Haatee and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Ouhooo! Ouhooo!” Haatee cried softly.

Viku studied Haatee’s face – his eyes looked sad. Viku remembered the mean poacher leader. His helpers were still in the forest. Sadness and anger grew in him as he realized defeating the two leaders of the gang was not the end of their trouble. More would come and kill elephants and other animals for their tusks and skins.

Viku rubbed Haatee’s legs while he thought about what they could do.

Viku told his father that he and Haatee were afraid more poachers would come after elephant tusks; they would not be safe in this forest any more.

His father thought for some time. “Poachers are shameless. I don’t know what we can do.”

“We must get help,” Viku cried.

“Who would care for animals as much as you do?”

“If we report this to the police,” Viku said, “they could stop the poachers.”

Viku’s father nodded. “Let’s go to the police.”

Viku and his father got up on Haatee’s back, and the three went to the police station in town.