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Praise for Viku to the Rescue by Award Winning Teachers, Librarians and others

Praise for Viku to the Rescue by Award Winning Teachers, Librarians and others


Refreshing story where good triumphs over greed, ending with heart-felt joy

Viku to the Rescue: A Story from the Forests of India is a unique tale that continues the adventures of Viku and his faithful elephant friend, Haatee, along a river in the Shapnobahn forest. Debu Majumdar flawlessly interlaces the theme of friendship, culture, religious and family traditions of India in this charming, fictional tale. Readers sympathize with Viku as he faces multiple challenges in freeing his elephant friend and faithful companion, Haatee. Viku demonstrates strength of character as he faces each challenge to save his friend. He treasures his friendship with Haatee and their deep bond proves to be indestructible. I recommend this book for readers of all ages. This magnificent story could be read in the classroom as whole group with discussion, small group team reading, or individually to instill a love for reading. It is also an excellent read aloud story for adults to share with younger children at home. The illustrations are beautiful, enhance the story’s adventure, and children get an educational glimpse into the fascinating world of Viku and Haatee. Viku to the Rescue is truly a refreshing story where good triumphs over the greed of the elephant catchers, ending with heart-felt joy. – Kathie J. Heusel, Milken Educator Award (2008), Great Falls, Montana and 2012 London Olympic Torchbearer.

A message that stretches across all cultures

Viku to the Rescue is a wonderful sequel to Viku and the Elephant, which highlights the meaning of a true friendship while maintaining the integrity of the Indian culture. Dr. Majumdar has methodically crafted a tale of two friends and, once again, has captured the attention of the reader with a strong message that stretches across all cultures…a wonderful work that is going to impact future generations. – Rogelio Garcia, Milken Educator Award (2010), Dallas, Texas.

Persistence and determination succeed in the end!

“The second adventure of Viku and Haatee brings an even deeper feeling of friendship to the reader.  Most children who have a beloved animal in their lives would understand Viku’s drive to rescue Haatee. Viku has realistic persistence and determination that many young readers can relate to. His sense of urgency and adventure challenge the reader to reflect on what they would do in the same situation…one may not have the answer of a problem on the first attempt, but if one keeps at it, one will succeed in the end!” – Jennifer Smith, Milken Educator Award (2006), 29Palms, California

In-depth questions at the end for developing inferential strategies

…another wonderful multicultural book with rich, unforgettable characters, a page turning plot that keeps readers craving for more and wonderful messages about loyalty and friendship.Viku to the Rescue continues to develop the special bond between Viku and his elephant Haatee and also explores the theme of having the courage to make difficult decisions in order to do the right thing. As a teacher, I appreciate how the author provides in depth questions at the end to help readers explore the story even further and I feel this story would be great to use with students in exploring character traits and developing inferential strategies. – Martin Martinez, Milken Educator Award (2010), Gresham, Oregon

Paint a great picture of India

Readers will be delighted by Viku’s return in Viku To the Rescue as he sets off on another exciting adventure with his great friend, the elephant, Haatee. Building on the friendship that began in Viku and the Elephant, this sequel is a testament to the great lengths a true friend like Viku is willing to go to save Haatee. Debu Majumdar succeeds in making the thoughts and voice of an innocent and determined boy come to life as Viku struggles to rescue his friend. Lynne Wolfe’s illustrations wrap the reader in the beauty and mystery of the jungle, and paint a great picture of the uniqueness of India’s culture and people Mr. Majumdar details throughout the book. Much like the first book, readers will be left imagining what great adventures come next for these great friends. – Roni Gold, Milken Educator Award (2010), Springfield, Massachusetts


Children get a sense of self reliance

“I loved Viku to the Rescue even more than the first book, Viku and the Elephant! I so identified with Viku wanting to save his friend and the obstacles he encountered. . . .in the end. . . it was Viku himself who freed the elephant by his own ingenuity and cunning. It’s important that children get a sense of self reliance…lovely illustrations too. It is simply a beautiful story for children and the book would be useful in a classroom. In my opinion, it’s a lot better than so many books on the market today.” — Feeny Watt, Former children’s librarian, Santa Fe Public Library and currently reference librarian, Salt Lake County, Utah.


Beautifully rendered illustrations

“A wonderful children’s story for all ages with beautifully rendered illustrations.” – Prof. Jim Dowdalls, Fine Arts Department, Fullerton College, Fullerton, California

A book I would have enjoyed as a child

“My first reaction to the story was that it’s something I would have enjoyed as a child, which gave me the inspiration to illustrate it. It has interesting details about India, a good message about friendship, and it makes a statement about animal rights. Most children love animals, but they’re unaware of issues like poaching. I also think Viku is easy to relate to. I see Viku as a quality story with substance and a positive message, and stories like that are getting harder to find these days.” – Lynn Wolfe