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Midwest Book Review of early reader chapter book: elephant story set in India

Midwest Book review

The Easy Reader Shelf

Viku and the Elephant

Debu Majumdar, author     Lynn Wolfe, illustrator

Publisher: Bo-Tree House

ISBN: 9780983222705



“Viku and the Elephant: A Story from the Forests of India” is an early readers’ chapter book, suitable for children in grades 2-5. Colored pencil drawing of jungle settings and exotic animals and people decorate the exciting tale of a young Indian boy and his elephant friend, Haatee. Haatee communicates with Viku by using primarily two different sounding trumpets, one happy and one sad.

Viku and Haatee have exciting adventures together discovering and thwarting evil ivory poachers.

The wisdom of nature and its many animals and birds is a theme throughout “Viku and the elephant.”

At the end of the book, a list of questions and a foreign words and pronunciation guide help young readers advance in their learning about life in parts of India.

Viku and the Elephant deserves the awards which it is sure to collect, a praiseworthy book to educate young students about the realities of living in a far-off, exotic land. Simultaneously, they will identify with Viku and Haatee and the obstacles they must face and overcome.