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Bo-Tree House Purchase Order Form for Retailers

Bo-Tree House
1536 Lowell Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98229
650-701-4645 (Cell)

Bo-Tree House Retailers Book Order Form

Please email the completed form to or mail it to the address above


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Retailers will receive a 45% discount. Domestic shipping will be paid by the publisher when 2 or more books are ordered. However, no book return is allowed. Call or email for foreign shipment.

Purchasers will be notified by email at the address given above of the invoice amount before items are shipped.

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TitleList PriceNo. of books DesiredDiscountSubtotal
Night Jasmine Tree $24.99   
Viku and the Elephant$12.99   
Viku to the Rescue$12.99   
Viku and the Ivory Thieves$12.99   
Viku Goes to School$14.99   
Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey$17.99   
Lemhi Overhang$17.95   
From the Ganges to the Snake River$14.99   
Shipping & Handling    

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