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Welcome to Bo-Tree House Publishing


Welcome to Bo-Tree House Publishing

Publishing Quality Books with Emphasis on the Indian Continent

Over 2600 years ago, Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree in India. He rebelled against the existing religious practices and discovered a new path for human happiness. This small publishing company draws inspiration from this triumph of one man and is established on the image of this ancient but still flourishing Bodhi tree. Its heart-shaped leaves inspire us to publish books that are extraordinary, sometimes off-the-beaten-path, but which are of high quality. The little house under the tree is meant to be a playhouse for both children and adults. We hope Bo-tree House will be a welcoming waystation for many authors and readers.

Our goal is to publish and sell extraordinary fiction and non-fiction books. Over the last few decades, publishing has moved away from “quality” books to “best-seller” books. It has become market driven—not about good literature but about what will sell to the masses. Additionally, discerning readers have little opportunity to read books that may be off of the beaten path or from different cultures. For example, not many books are published in the U.S. that deal with themes from the Indian subcontinent or about immigrants, which are becoming increasingly important and relevant to American life. Bo-Tree House was launched to fill these cultural and literary gaps.

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