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Viku Meets the ivory Poachers iBook

Viku Meets the Ivory Poachers iBook

This multimedia version for iPhone, iPad and Mac is Part 2 of a heartwarming children’s book called Viku and the Elephant, an adventure story from the jungles of India. In Viku and Haatee, Part 1 of the story you have read how Viku, an Indian boy, and Haatee, a young elephant, become friends, and what they did for each other that made their friendship unique. In Part 2, Viku and Haatee are captured by ivory poachers who want to force them to take the poachers to the secret place in the forest where elephant tusks can be found. You have to read the story to find out how Viku and Haatee defeat the ivory poachers and save each other.

Young readers will be captivated by the mystery and suspense of the story – brought beautifully to life by rich illustrations and photos of India’s land and people.

  • This multimedia version has real-life pictures of India: crocodiles, long-tailed monkeys, rhinoceros, mangrove trees and other aspects of life in India – Indian sweets, trains – all available to you by pointing and clicking at the touch of your fingers!
  • Twelve illustrations from the book and 16 Pop-up photos bring the story of Viku and the Elephant alive.
  • Hear the roar of a tiger, hissing snakes, a peacock’s call and the trumpet of an elephant!
  • Listen to the story as the author reads it to you in the authentic voice of India.

This multimedia book will work well for a wide range children from the very young to the fifth grade.

Why You Should Buy the Multimedia Part 2 of the original Adventure story from the jungles of India

Viku Meets Ivory Poachers includes audio, video, “pop-up” pictures, and interactive reviews. Your child will be immersed in the story as he watches elephants trumpet, tigers roar, and birds sing.

1. An extraordinary story of adventure and friendship

A very entertaining story of the life of a village boy who lives with his parents near a jungle in India. You will be at the edge of your seat reading and interacting with this exciting story and will want to read more.

2. Enhanced awareness of another culture

Your child will become aware of the wider world around him/her and the differences in how children in another country (India) live, eat, and play. Viku is a child growing up in a mud hut in a village near the jungles of India. Every day his parents go out in search of work leaving him behind. Sometimes there is not enough food in the house. Your children will come to understand how others in the world live; how privileged life in America is, compared to other places in the world; that despite economic and social differences, parents love and care for their children just as much they do here. And, of course, your children can also experience life in India through the sounds and beautiful pictures in the multimedia presentation like those shown here:

3. Children Can Hear the Sounds of the Jungle for Themselves

In this iBook, the sounds of India come to life. Your child will delight in the tiger’s roar, an elephant’s trumpet, hissing of a snake, or the call of a peacock. This will engage your child and he or she will want to read the story over and over again.

4. Pop-up pictures

As in Viku and Haatee, Viku Meets the Ivory Poachers is full of highlighted words in red that the reader merely touches to bring new knowledge, through words and pictures, on to the page. Touch a highlighted word and a pop-up will appear to explain how that word is pronounced, if it is a foreign word; or explain what a word means (for example, a Gurkha knife). More importantly, many pictures will pop-up to show or tell the reader more about the world Viku lives in. A young reader will become aware of the wider world around her and the differences in how children in another place, such as India, live, eat, and play.

5. Interactive review questions

There are interactive review questions at the end of each section that reinforce learning and understanding. Young readers will immediately know, at the tap of a button, if their answers are correct. Many of the questions have more than one answer. This will reinforce their understanding and spark a lively discussion with parents, peers, and teachers.

6. Page by page Audio narration

Your child can read the story on his or her own, or hear the story narrated page by page with the click of a button – bringing the ambiance of India to life as the author tells the story as he did to his own children. One can stop the audio anytime and you can resume at a later time where it was stopped.

7. Friendship and helping others in need     

This warm-hearted tale will bring the meaning of friendship and helping others to your child as he or she follows Viku and Haatee’s actions.