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The Importance and Beauty of Science

When facing the question, ‘What good is science?’ I always remember Faraday’s answer, ‘What good is a baby?’ We don’t know what a baby will be, but it grows and ‘becomes.’ We can imagine all sorts of future for that baby but eventually the truth of that person is before us. So it is with science.

Science pursues pure observations and findings, logic, derivations, predictions and new discoveries; these reveal the true reality of nature – not someone’s ideas about it, but its reality. The importance and beauty of Science lie in its unperturbed adherence to the truth and unraveling of the intricate workings of nature. For ages, the pleasure of doing science was in the understanding of nature – realizing, for example, atomic forces, quantum effects, and the impact of curved space – their usefulness or application was secondary. Basic research, pursued for the pure love of finding out what reality is, lays the bedrock upon which future progress is made. Our cell phones work because of scientific research done 70 years ago. Cancer treatments that work today rest on foundations laid in the 1950s. We cannot skip scientific research and smother findings now without destroying our own future.

Science is important at every moment of our lives, affecting almost anything we use (and take for granted). At the same time, it can be, and has been, used for destructive purposes, and science may not always support the good things we wish. It might find harmful facts, and tell us about the harmful uses of science, but we cannot blame science. Science does not take sides! But, by following scientific investigation, we will find solutions for our problems. So, we must nurture Science for the future well-being of all.

The beauty of science comes from its ability to discover the inherent mysteries of nature and its importance lies in its applications for the good of all.

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