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About Multimedia Books

Multimedia books are a wonderful way to teach children about the world around them. “Multimedia” means that you do not just read these books, you can also see and hear videos, audios, sounds, and work with interactive features embedded in these books. For the last few years, writers, developers, and publishers have diligently worked to incorporate many enhanced features into their books. Science has found overwhelmingly that people’s brains are wired differently – some learn by reading; some are more visual; and some learn more by listening.

Multimedia, enhanced, or interactive books, are educational tools where children spend a lot of time engaged with the content because it “speaks” to them, and offers various avenues of interactivity, and play. Multimedia books have the potential to entertain, enlighten, and educate a new generation of children the way Sesame Street on PBS has done – children not only enjoy the story but are also caught up in a learning experience they willingly participate in.

Enhanced multimedia version of Viku books isn’t simply a picture book, with small words geared toward toddlers. And this is also not just an illustrated book where pictures are only used to mimic the words visually. Interactive features are at the heart of this iPad multimedia version.

Give your children an enhanced multimedia story book, and watch them become thoroughly engaged and learn more than from passively watching a TV show. Children can read the books by themselves or listen to the audio.

Bo-Tree House has so far produced two multimedia books based on the first Viku book, Viku and the Elephant, for Apple iPad and Mac computers:

(1) Viku and Haatee iBook Click here for more details of this iBook 

(2) Viku Meets the Ivory Poachers iBook

Click here for more details of this iBook

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