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Bo-Tree House is enthusiastic about publishing books based on themes from the Indian subcontinent and the northwest America. Currently we have published three fiction books:

Night Jasmine Tree by Debu Majumdar

night jasmine tree

East meets West, and Past Meets Present.”

“All readers will be able to relate to the hold the past has on us. … Debu Majumdar deepens characterization by connecting Shankar’s interior and exterior worlds. While contemplating existence through his main character’s eyes, the author gives us a work of lush and searing beauty, wondrously told with compassion, empathy, and truth. Night Jasmine Tree is highly recommended reading for all.”

-Somerset 2018 First Prize Award Review for Literary Fiction

“… a magnificent, fully realized, and deeply moving novel. … The author adroitly weaves in the main character’s experiencing epiphanies and sorrow as he considers past events and conversations with the perspective and empathy that come with age. The result is a deeply engrossing tale that unfolds with affecting and beautiful prose. … The manuscript is beautifully written and presented. …      Night Jasmine Tree is thought-provoking and beautiful beyond measure. It does what great literature does – moves the reader to consider one’s own life in a new light.”

To buy the book click here: Night Jasmine Tree

Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey by Debu Majumdar


Mystery, love and beautiful scenery wrapped into a terrific journey.”

                                                                                                  –Jim Porell, Pine Plains, NY.

An Indian-American journeys to mystical Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas, searching for peace and renewal. As he travels, a pilgrimage temple near the glacier becomes the target of a gold heist. Pilgrims, thieves, tourists, and events flow toward the temple independently with their individual stories. The life struggles of an illiterate farmer, lofty goals of a charitable organization, desire for fame, romance, and cultural nuance, along with Indian myths and legends, supply colorful threads to the story. Their paths cross and re-cross until the ultimate denouement.

While, on the surface, all action centers on the treasure heist, underneath, this is a story of a spiritual quest invigorated by Indian mythological and folk tales. The novel is also a travelogue of India; through the events of the journey and planning for the gold heist, the reader comes face to face with the real India.

As little tributaries flow together to make the magnificent Ganges River, each thread in this novel is woven to make a beautiful tapestry with an uplifting conclusion.

A Himalayan journey that will touch your soul.

The Kindle edition of Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey is also available.

To buy the book click here: Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey

Lemhi Overhang by Stephen T. Watts

Front cover 51SJFjSYaDL

Caught on horseback in a raging mountain thunderstorm, Steve Watts found shelter, a comfortable spot to rest and began contemplating the latter stages of his remarkable career.  A retired cop and state investigator, with stints in the Army and as a fisherman in Alaska, Steve ended his working life as the owner of a private detective agency in Idaho Falls.
“Lemhi Overhang” details some of Steve’s adventures as owner and operator of the Idaho Protective Specialist Company: on the road to Arizona to investigate a murder-suicide for an old friend; combating government bureaucracy run amok; and interacting with a fascinating cast of characters in the tiny cowboy town, Leadore, where he and his wife built a lodge and kept horses.
Along the way, Steve learned a little something about himself and this rugged individualist so capable of dealing with what he called the “physical world” sought greater understanding of his spiritual side.

“Lemhi Overhang” offers readers some unique insights: into the world of a private detective who finds himself involved in a host of interesting and unusual cases; into the workings of a small, mountain community whose citizens sometimes seem as though they walked straight out of a B. Traven novel; and into the mind of a remarkable man as he contemplated aging and the inevitable.

To buy this book click here:  Lemhi Overhang

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