February 5, 2016


Bo-Tree House has published a novel, Sacred River, four children’s fiction and one non-fiction e-book. These are available from Amazon.com as Kindle books, which you can also read on a computer.

Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey


Mystery, love and beautiful scenery wrapped into a terrific journey.”

– Jim Porell, Pine Plains, NY.

An Indian-American journeys to mystical Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas, searching for peace and renewal. As he travels, a pilgrimage temple near the glacier becomes the target of a gold heist. Pilgrims, thieves, tourists, and events flow toward the temple independently with their individual stories. The life struggles of an illiterate farmer, lofty goals of a charitable organization, desire for fame, romance, and cultural nuance, along with Indian myths and legends, supply colorful threads to the story. Their paths cross and re-cross until the ultimate denouement.

While, on the surface, all action centers on the treasure heist, underneath, this is a story of a spiritual quest invigorated by Indian mythological and folk tales. The novel is also a travelogue of India; through the events of the journey and planning for the gold heist, the reader comes face to face with the real India.

As little tributaries flow together to make the magnificent Ganges River, each thread in this novel is woven to make a beautiful tapestry with an uplifting conclusion.

A Himalayan journey that will touch your soul.

To buy the Kindle book click here: Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey

 Children’s fiction:

  1. Viku and the Elephant                                                         Viku and the Elephant cover
  2. Viku to the Rescue                                              
  3. Viku meets the Ivory Thieves                          
  4. Viku Goes to School                                            


Kindle Prime members can borrow it for reading on their devices. And if you buy or had purchased one book in the past, you can download the book for only $2.99

From the Ganges to the Snake River

Details of this book are in the non-fiction section. The eBook can be purchased for $4.99 from many sources, including AMAZON’S website here: http://www.amazon.com/From-Ganges-Snake-River-Majumdar-ebook/dp/B0073YELMO

As in the non-fiction section, you can read articles about the book here:

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