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Steve Watts

Born in San Francisco in 1932, Steve Watts spent a large part of his youth in Texas on a ranch and later, in Alaska as a fisherman. Idaho Falls was his home since 1957. He had been a police officer, a detective, criminal investigator and polygraph specialist. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Steve’s compassion for the victims of crime and his pursuit of justice affected and changed the lives of many people from every walk of life. He was a painter, builder, inventor, author and story teller. He was also a columnist for the newspaper Post Register. His first book, “Better an Honest Scoundrel: Chronicles of a Western Lawman,” was published in 2003. “Lemhi Overhang,” his second book, tells fictionalized stories based on his experiences. He passed away on May 9, 2015.



Debu Majumdar

Born in India, Debu Majumdar received a doctorate degree in physics from SUNY at Stony Brook. His book From the Ganges to the Snake River was first published by Idaho State University and then by Caxton Press in 2000; it interweaves Indian culture with North-West American reality. He has published 4 children’s books: Viku and the Elephant (2011), Viku to the Rescue (2012), Viku and the Ivory Thieves (2013), and Viku Goes to School (2014). His first novel, Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey, is available on Kindle. He lives with his wife in Idaho Falls, Idaho.




Lynn Carly Wolfe

Lynn Wolfe is a college student and freelance artist. Viku and the Elephant was the first book she illustrated during her senior year in high school. Since then she has illustrated two other children’s book: Viku to the Rescue and Viku and the Ivory Thieves. Among several awards, she received a Certificate of special Congressional Recognition in 2007. She lives in southern California.

Arijit Shil 

Arijit Shil was born, grew up, and lives in West Bengal, India. Painting has been his passion since high school days. This is the first children’s book he has illustrated. He used water color for this book to vividly portray Viku’s life in India with realistic light and shadow. He is currently a graduate student in geography at Rabindra Bharati University.

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