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How to redeem gift cards or promo codes for iBook

I received a Promo code for an iBook and clicked on the book in the iBook Store. Then I signed in with my Apple ID and, before I could find a place to use the Promo Code, the book was downloaded onto my iPad. I couldn’t use the code to redeem my gift! So I learned about it; hoping that this might help others, I am writing this short article about how to redeem Gift cards and Promo codes for an iBook in the iTunes Store or iBook Store. The procedure is the same.

Step 1. Open iBooks, go to your Library and tap on the Store

Step 2. Go to the bottom of the page – scroll down to the bottom if necessary. You will see icons there such as Featured, NY Times, Top Charts, etc. as shown below. Click on “Featured.”

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see an icon for “Redeem.” Click on it.

Step 4. sign in to the  iTunes Store as requested.

Step 5. Tap on Use Camera. Align the code on the back of the gift card so the camera can see it. If your camera won’t scan the code, tap on “You can also enter your code manually” and enter the code.

You will get a message that your book is downloading; iBooks matches the book with your Gift card or Promo code, finds the product in the store and downloads it for you. You will see the book in the Library after a short wait.