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How to buy iBooks

How to buy my iBook elephant-story on iPad

Debu Majumdar

First, you must have the iBooks App on your iPad. You can download iBooks App free from Apple. Note that you need an active internet connection, to access the iBooks Store. You can see the iBooks icon on the screen – the second icon on the top line.

Tap the iBooks image, and it will take you to the library. When you tap on the library, you will see a list of books you have already downloaded. In the upper-left corner you will see two clickable words: Store and Collections. Tap on the “Store” button. It will take you to a new screen and you will find a search area on the right hand side. There you type the name of my multimedia children’s book Viku and Haatee (my first iPad book) or Viku Meets the Ivory Poachers (my second iPad book), which continues the story of Viku. Or if you type my name, Debu Majumdar, a list of my books available on the iPad will show up. You can now see a small cover picture of a book.

If you tap on the book, you will get more information – what the story is about, what kind of pictures it has, if it has audio and video, etc.These two multimedia stories bring an enjoyable and interactive experience to children. They can read the story or, by pressing a button, have the text read to them – page by page. I have narrated the story to bring the Indian ambiance alive. Readers can click on highlighted words to know more about the words or see photos of what they mean. Photographs and sounds from India – tigers, elephants, monkeys, snakes and birds – fill the pages with surprises and excitement. Details of life in India are part of the story – how Indians greet each other, what ordinary people eat – all at the stroke of a finger.

To give more details, I clicked on the second book and the following screen came up.

In this picture there are two screenshots at the bottom from two pages of the book – the first one is a white tiger with an audio symbol next to it, which is for the sound of a tiger. The second one is picture of a snake with an audio symbol for its hissing sound. The highlighted words in red will pop-up a picture or an explanation on tapping. For example, when you tap the word “rhinoceros,” it will bring up the picture of a rhinoceros or if you touch “sweets,” it will show you how some Indian sweets look. The audio icons at the top of each page will narrate the story page by page.

You can download a Sample of the book, usually the first few pages, by clicking the button next to the price (it does not appear in this screen shot because I have already downloaded a sample). To buy the book, you tap on the price, and it will change to “Buy Book.” If you tap on “Buy Book,” it will take you to “Sign in to iTunes Store.”  Follow the prompts after you sign in.

When you buy a book, it automatically appears in your iBooks library.

If you wish to write a review of a book on iPad, please follow the same instructions and come to the page with details of the book with the price and sample icons. Now note that there are  three items above the Book Description: Details, Reviews, and Related. Click on the Reviews. Then click on Write a Review. As before, sign in to iTunes Store with your Apple ID, write your review and submit.