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The Importance and Beauty of Science

When facing the question, ‘What good is science?’ I always remember Faraday’s answer, ‘What good is a baby?’ We don’t know what a baby will be, but it grows and ‘becomes.’ We can imagine all sorts of future for that baby but eventually the truth of that person is before us. So it is with Read more about The Importance and Beauty of Science[…]

Sitamarhi to Haridwar in Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey

In Sacred River, Jagdish, a laborer-farmer from a remote village, Sitamarhi, in India went on a pilgrimage that concluded at the Gangotri temple in the Himalayas, where other characters from the novel also converged. I describe a little, but mostly show by pictures, his life journey from Sitamarhi to  Haridwar, Gateway to God, his last stop before Gangotri. […]

New Delhi, first stop in “Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey”

This novel is a journey of various kinds. For some it is a mystery, a gold heist, for some it is a travelogue, a hike to the Himalayas, for others it is a spiritual adventure, a pilgrimage, a conversation with monks. The journey of the Americans to the source of the Ganges River takes them from the plains of India to the Himalayas and they experience India bottom up. They also face obstacles and suffering of various kinds – some physical, but mostly internal, within themselves. Otherwise, there would be no life experience from such a pilgrimage-adventure. […]

Old Delhi in Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey

When visitors come to New Delhi, they do not normally stay in the older part of town. But that is where you can get a glimpse of timeless India – because parts of Old Delhi haven’t changed much in the last few centuries. As written in Sacred River, when you near this area, the roads Read more about Old Delhi in Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey[…]

What inspired me to write Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey?

In 1994 I went on a trip to India with my family to visit my brothers, sisters and friends and decided to do something special—go to the source of the Ganges River. If you grow up in India, especially in the Gangetic plane, you know how sacred the river is. Outsiders, especially those from the Read more about What inspired me to write Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey?[…]

Nuclear Electricity: May not be cheap but essential

In 1954, when the U.S. government encouraged industry to get involved in nuclear power production, there was great hope that it would provide an inexhaustible source of cheap electricity.  This has been epitomized in the oft-quoted remark of the then AEC chairman Lewis L. Strauss, “too cheap to meter.”  Those were the days when people Read more about Nuclear Electricity: May not be cheap but essential[…]

Bohurupee: A One Man Show

When I was eight or nine years old, a Bohurupee came to our house. He was the best Bohurupee I’d ever seen. They went from door to door and performed many tricks. This Bohurupee had very colorful makeup on his face, like what the clowns wear here, but a very different design — more like Read more about Bohurupee: A One Man Show[…]