February 13, 2018

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Author interview with Jeannie Gilbert on #Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey today at 4 pm or Fri 4/10 at noon (PT) in #pnwradio.org/now-playing. Deep dive into the novel - how to find peace and tranquility. ...

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Into the Arts this week brings you a visit with the unique author of Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey, Debu Majumdar, we chatted about his early days, leaving his beloved India, coming to America for his education, and staying to work in the energy industry. He began writing later in life, learn a bit about his children's books, but we will deep dive into his novel later in the show. 4pm on Friday, and noon on Tuesday. Tunein and kpnw-db.org

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I found two youngest readers of my novel Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey in Bellingham's Lowell Elementary School where I was invited last Monday, March 26, along with a few other authors to participate at the “Young Authors Celebration.” It was an all-day event and forty-five volunteer mothers helped, which was awesome. So was Barbara Jean Hicks's address to all students at the beginning Assembly. Anyway, during book signing two 5th grade girls came along with their mothers and wanted to buy my novel. I asked the mothers if they were sure and didn't wish to buy my children's books. They fully supported their daughter's decision. I admired the mothers and found my youngest readers in Bellingham.

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