February 20, 2016

Brief description of Viku to the Rescue

Description of Viku to the Rescue

Viku books are stories of a boy and a young elephant who become friends in a forest in India. Haatee the elephant communicates with only two sounds – a happy trumpet or a sad cry – but Viku and Haatee understand each other perfectly. Stories of their adventures together unfold quickly. In the first book, Viku and the Elephant, they thwart the evil plans of ivory poachers. This book continues their tale. This time elephant catchers trap Haatee in a deep hole in the jungle from which he cannot get out. It is difficult to find and save Haatee, but Viku does not give up. In the end, he rescues his friend from the elephant-catchers. He is able to do this because he understands the forest and its animals better than the elephant catchers. These stories of friendship and adventure tell us about life in another culture.

This book works well as a read aloud story for young children, is suitable for early readers (2nd and 3rd grades), and is an excellent chapter book for 4th and 5th graders. 

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