February 19, 2016

Brief description of Story

The story of “Viku and the Elephant”

Viku and the Elephant is a story of a boy, Viku, and a young elephant named Haatee in a forest in India. Viku goes to the forest in search of fruits to eat and finds a young elephant in distress. He helps the elephant and in return the elephant shows him where bananas are in the forest. Haatee communicates with only two sounds – a happy trumpet or a sad cry – but Viku and Haatee understand each other perfectly. The two become good friends and their adventures together unfold quickly. Haatee gives Viku a very special present and that brings the police to their house. Then ivory poachers take Viku hostage and force him to show them where elephant tusks are hidden in the jungle. The poachers threaten to  kill Haatee if Viku doesn’t help them. Although frightened, Viku and Haatee manage to outsmart the ivory poachers with an ingenious plan.

This little gem of a story grew out of a fable the author used to tell his own children when they were small. They would ask to hear it over and over again. Now the story is here for all children to enjoy.

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